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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Wait 'em Out

This seems to be my plan for everything lately. Currently, I need to:

*plan & pack for a two week trip to Asia
*plan to move, pack
*find a place to live
*get loans to pay for two years of pricey life
*book plans for cross country drive

So far I have
*played x-box

So, I am procrastinating just a bit. Also, I have to say I am thoroughly sicks of answering the following questions, so please don't ask them if you see me:
*When does school start?
*How long is the program?
*When is your last day of work?
*How are you paying for that?
*Why did you choose Berkeley?
*Do you have a place to live?
*California, eh?
*You live with your ex?
*Who gets the dog?
*Please get here before 11.
*Please wear pants to work.

Ok, so, I am leaving for Taiwan tomorrow, have not packed anything and am going out tonight. Not only that, but I am very close to beating my lord of the rings game on xbox. This is going to be a very busy night.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Be prepared!

The class schedule at Haas runs Mon-Thurs. Now, I understand that there will be enough work and meetings to cover Friday as well, but the official work wee is four days. So, how could I call myself prepared if I continued to come to work FIVE days a week? I couldn't. It would be a travesty, almost illegal.

I took another personal day yesterday. It was beautiful, and the Yanks had a day game. I wasn't the only one who had the idea... about seven people from my department ended up in the stands. Next week is a two day week, then Asia, then a three day week, and then technically, two five-day weeks. I still have personal days to burn though, and the Yanks have more day games. Yay.

I am getting a little worried aboutthe whole background check thing, especially after reading FMG's post on Kroll. I was wondering what was taking so long, and, if they are that in depth, I've found it. I didn't lie at all on the app, so I should have no worries, but I am still kind of paranoid. My first company was bought by Thomson over two years ago... I have no idea how they'll verify my employment there. Pluse my recommender was laid off from the position she had when she receommended me... will they find her? Ugh. I just want a for-sure. Anyway, as a super-precautionary measure, I wrote a waitlist letter to Chicago today, just in case the unforseeable happens.

Poweryogi, I am very sorry to hear about the Wharton ding. Let's go LBS. Trip, I truly hope you get a call from the blues capital soon, my friend.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Rumors Floating

There is a rumor going around here that I may be fired, imminently. Actually, laid off, and the exact date would be June 18th, my last day. I heard it from my boss, who along with "someone from above" (not god) is trying to put this deal together for me. Why? Severance! Honestly I am really kind of touched at such a nice gesture. And man, that bit of extra cash would be very helpful towards a motorcycle and travelling.

Speaking of which (travelling) I am getting ready to head to the East next week! I have been reading my Taiwan book and I am very happy to be travelling with some folks that know their way around already. I am a serious planner when it comes to travelling, but it is kind of nice not to plan a damn thing this time. The other trip goes across america in a honda civic , san ac plus pitbull. Right now it looks like ... Brooklyn-Richmond-Atlanta-NewOrleans-Austin-Junction(camping)-El Paso-GrandCanyon-LasVegas-SanFrancisco . Anyone have any tips for pet friendly activities in any of those places? Or nearby locations that would be better? Or camping spots?

Thursday, May 06, 2004


So I resolved the incorrect application thing. The HR guy got back to me and he does have the correct data. I explained the situation to the school, and I had forgotten that I also had to turn in a resume - that has the correct dates on it. So no worries.

That's not the battle though. How often do you get into a yelling fight with strangers? Me not so often, save this morning. So I was walking Tupelo, and she stops to pee. SHe is such a sweetheart about it, she always pees right at the curb, not on the sidewalk. So she goes and pees on where the 5 inch of curb at the street meets a tree on the block. There was a lady out in fron of her house sweeping the area in front. It goes house, area in fron of house, gate, then 8 feet of sidewalk, then curb. I am looking the other way, and then I hear this loud shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sound. I turn around as she is making the shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sound again, and going after my dog with her broom. I will walk away from most things. But seriously, don't ever, ever try to fuck with my dog. The voice coming out of me didn't even sound like me, I kind of suprised myself with how deep and angry it was. I tried to keep it somewhat civil though. I jsut yelled and told her to never come near my dog again, then somewhat threateningly said "try to do that to my dog again." I then retorted that she could go ahead and call the police, and that my dog was allowed to pee there. I finished by calling her obnoxious, and she told me to go to hell. Ahh, Brooklyn.

Well, at least I know exactly where my dog is going to go to the bathroom every day between now and when I move. If she had decided to express her dismay by talking to the person who could actually speak, I'd have tried to navigate the pooch to other bathroom areas from there here on in. Now, she's lucky if I don't go there.
Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Does this end?

Ok, so I get an email from the HR department at my last job and he tells me that they ereceived an employment verification request and that the dates don't match up. He says they thin k I worked there from Sept 2000 - Sept 2001. I didn't. He says they have me on record form June to Sept 2002. That's three months. Neither is right. I actually worked there from June 2001 to Sept 2002. So I hope he just has a year typo. As for the verification agency, I went back and checked my Haas application and I FUCKED UP THE DATES. I have my first job going from Sept 99 - Sept 2001. My Second job start date is Sept 2001, and the end date is Spet 2000. How the hell did I manage that???

Actual dates are Job 1 Sept 1999 - May 2001 , Job 2 June 2001 - Sept 2002. So I wrote the adcom to tell them about the problem. I am a bit of a mess over this though.ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

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